How to set the budget for your swimming pool project

Having a swimming pool for your family is a luxury item as well as a place to build memories and get — or stay — in shape. If your children have been asking for a swimming pool for some time now and if you’re tired of fighting the crowds at the beach or dealing with the cramped space at a public swimming pool, this might just be the year you get your own pool, right? How to set the budget for your swimming pool project is something you can talk with the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc in Memphis, Tennessee about.

If a pool is on the horizon for your family for the 2020 swim season, the time is now to begin the planning of the project and finding a pool contractor with whom to work to have the project completed.

The pool contractors from Advanced Pools have put together a few ideas that will help you put the budget together for your swimming pool project.

Yes, a swimming pool is a major expense, but when you weigh it against how long you will have the pool you can see you will have a return on your investment — and then some.

How to set the budget for your swimming pool project

When budgeting and beginning the planning for your swimming pool project here are some tips to get you started and help you better plan.

  • Ask friends and family how much they paid for their swimming pools. You will also want to take a peek at their pools and see if they have a style you like, don’t like or like some elements of.
  • You can as a swimming pool contractor for a ball park estimate on a swimming pool. You will get a better answer if you have an idea of how big you want it, how deep, what construction material and what type of accessories (diving board, slide, heater, etc.)
  • Adding a cushion in the pool construction budget of about 15% will help you defray any unexpected costs and will help absorb the shock of any cost overruns
  • If you need to find financing for the pool project, remember it may take a month, all told, to get the approvals and the money to the contractor so he can begin the project.
  • Talk with at least three swimming pool contractors to gather estimates. Compare them and look at all of the line items. If there is something you don’t understand, ask. If some of the prices vary wildly, ask the pool contractor why his price is so much higher/lower than the other. Remember, cheaper is not better; a swimming pool is a major expense on which you don’t want to skimp.

After you’ve gathered your information about pricing for the pool project, potential cost increases for your utility bills and have budgeted for ongoing pool maintenance and upkeep, call your pool contractor and get the ball rolling! You just might be swimming next summer!

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