Summer has arrived for many areas of the country, but for many it’s been feeling like summer vacation because the children have been home from school, you may be home from work and coronavirus continues to shut down the country. If you’ve been wondering how to update your poolside furniture and what type of furniture you should get and even, “can my pool contractor pay a visit?” we have answers

The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee and other swimming pool contractors across the country have been deemed essential employees and service providers during the COVID-19 shut down. We can pay a service visit, employing CDC required measures and clean and maintain your swimming pool.

If you’re spending more time in the swimming pool, you are also spending more time around the pool and you want to be comfortable as you’re relaxing poolside, right?

How to update your poolside furniture

Before you shop for furniture you need to consider your unique lifestyle, decorating taste and the amount of work you want to put into swimming pool furniture upkeep. Yes, some swimming pool furniture will require upkeep and maintenance.

Here are our shopping and decorating thoughts:

  1. Styles. What style do you want? Eclectic? Modern? Warm and welcoming? Do you want the style to mimic your home style and decor or contrast it? What furniture can you get as a set that will perform double duty (a side table that doubles as a storage container, for example)
  2. Material. Do you want wrought iron, cedar, composite materials? Some of these are easier to care for, others (wood for example) will require special care. They are all unique and comfortable, you just need to understand there may be upkeep and maintenance required.
  3. Fabric. What kind of fabric and material do you want for the cushions? Chances are you will want cushions as it may be uncomfortable to sit on composite or bamboo furniture, for example, without cushions. Choose materials that can withstand chlorine-soaked bathing suits and sunshine and outdoor elements. Look for materials that are easily cleaned and that will dry quickly. This is also when you will choose the colors, patterns and styles for the cushions and those materials will set the tone for the look and feel of the outdoor space.

Choose wisely and you will have furniture that you can enjoy for decades to come. Talk with us if you are looking for some insight and advice on furniture styles and outdoor pool area set-up for maximum use.