Is a beach entry pool right for you?

 Swimming pool construction season is just around the corner for many potential swimming pool owners. Is a beach entry pool right for you? That is a question the  swimming pool builders from Advanced Pools, Inc. get asked when they meet with some clients. A beach entry pool, is also known as a zero entry pool design. These pools are beautiful and functional and they do take up more yard space than does a traditional swimming pool design.

A beach entry pool gradually slopes from ground level to shallow water to deep water; just as water on a beach does. Individuals with limited mobility such as arthritis or back issues may benefit from a zero entry design because they won’t have to navigate stairs or steps.

Zero entry pools also give small children a place to sit in the water and play. You know for the younger children in your family that even a “shallow” end pool is too deep for a child. Remember, though, no matter how shallow the water is, children require continual supervision when they are in or around the water.

Is a beach entry pool right for you?

This pool style will take up additional space in your yard to accommodate the gradual slope of the pool. You need to determine whether you want to devote that much yard space to the pool project.

  • The cost is more than a traditional swimming pool.
  • Beach entry pools are constructed of gunite — a higher price tag material. Concrete is one of the longest lasting building material available.
  • The zero entry pool lends itself to a “natural” look and it blends into the backyard space and decor
  • There are unique challenges to pool safety with a beach entry pool which you must discuss with your pool contractor to assure your pool is as safe as it can be.

Give us a call if you want to have a beach entry, or any kind of swimming pool, constructed for your family for the summer 2019 swim season.

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