Is it hard to design a pool?

Advanced Pools, Inc., serving Memphis, TN explain swimming pool design

Is it hard to design a pool? It’s a question the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc get asked all the time. It’s not difficult to design a pool, but it does require some planning and forethought as to how you want to use the pool, where you will place it, how large you want it to be and what accesssories you may want in it.

If you’re like most potential swimming pool owners, the pool will be a reflection of you, your unique family and its unique lifestyle. It is easy to make the pool your own and here are some suggestions.

Is it hard to design a pool?

  • What shape do you want your pool? Traditional rectangle? Kidney shaped? L-shaped? Free-form that fits into your existing landscape? Once you do that, we can help you with the design of the pool and offer bird’s eye view plans of how the finished project will look before it even begins!
  • Plan for your outdoor living space and pool deck when you’re planning the pool construction project itself. You will spend as much time around the pool as in the pool itself so you don’t want to forget to plan for this relaxation space.
  • Your budget will determine much of what happens in your pool construction project so be upfront with your pool contractor. He will be able to let you know whether your budget will accommodate your dreams. Don’t skimp on the quality of pool equipment because energy efficient equipment will save you money in the long run.

If 2019 is the summer you and your family will have its own swimming pool, start now to get the plans underway. The weather may even cooperate and the project might be able to be started soon so you will have a completed pool before summer swim season rolls around!

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