Is it safe to swim in your pool or be in your hot tub with friends outside of your family “pod.” It’s a question the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care, Inc. have gotten asked all the time since the coronavirus pandemic started.

According to the CDC, they have found no evidence that there is danger from contracting the coronavirus from a hot tub or swimming pool – as long as the water is properly sanitized. Chlorine has been found to remove or kill the virus. That being said, however, you do still want to social distance if you’re in a public pool. If you’re cleaning and maintaining your own hot tub or swimming pool, keep the levels of chlorine between 1 and 3 parts per million (PPM). If you are sick it’s best that you stay out of the pool or hot tub because you could be carrying the virus.

Is it safe to swim during the pandemic?

Here are some hot tub and pool safety tips during this coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Don’t go into the hot tub or swimming pool with others if you’re feeling sick. While chlorine can kill the virus in the water, it cannot kill or deactivate the virus in a human just because you’re in chlorinated water.
  2. If someone has had coronavirus, or still has symptoms, please keep them out of your pool. If they are still ill and cough into their hands, they could touch a surface on the pool and you could pick up the germ, touch your eyes, nose or mouth and infect yourself. This is a small chance, but why take it?

Disinfecting the surfaces on your hot tub or pool is a great idea even if you don’t think anyone has the virus. Because bacteria thrive on humid environments and dampness, they could thrive on the surfaces in the pool or hot tub and make you ill.

Clean and sanitize every surface in the pool and hot tub area that have not been submerged in the sanitized water. Make sure you clean your outdoor living space, too.