Swimming pool season just seems too short, right? That is what many of the customers Advanced Pools, Inc in Memphis, Tennessee hear when they go to perform a pool winter closing. Is it time for a swimming pool heater? It might be and we can explain the benefits, and challenges and you can decide for yourself if this is the year to swim for more months of the year.

When it comes to swimming pool heating, it should be noted that many pool owners opt for ineffective measures because they are also inexpensive. But be aware that what you save in the beginning of a heater purchase will cost you more money in the long run of heating your pool water.

Depending on where you live, you may want to consider using a solar heating system to keep your water warmer longer. If you want to heat your pool water and be environmentally conscious, let’s talk solar. If you have the space you can have solar panels installed and a solar pool heating system and viola — warm water.

A solar pool heating system will take the water from the pool, pump it into a heat exchanger, and return it to the pool.

Is it time for a swimming pool heater?

You can opt for a gas or electric or a heat exchange system to heat the pool water, but if you’re in the market you may want to consider the solar system. The water filtration unit operates at a low horsepower and that will save on electricity. The pump will usually run about eight hours per day to gain the most effect from your solar heating system. ¬†Another vital part of this pool heating system is the heat exchanger.

Another piece of equipment in a solar heating system is the heat/temperature controller.  The controller works much the same as your indoor thermostat as it regulates the temperature of the water that is filtered out through the exchanger system.

If you’re interested in heating your pool water, let’s talk about solar and the other option available.