Is it time for a swimming pool renovation?

Is it time for a swimming pool renovation? That may be a question that brings with it more questions than answers and is sometimes subjective. Are there items that you want to address? Are there items you need to have addressed?

A renovation project, the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc in Memphis, Tennessee explain when you have your swimming pool constructed it will last for decades and with minimal major renovations needed. When you work with a swimming pool contractor he will inspect equipment and assure it won’t fail and he can recommend various maintenance upkeep tasks to keep the equipment running properly and smoothly.

Is it time for a swimming pool renovation?

There are a myriad of reasons you may want to undertake a swimming pool renovation. If you purchased a home with an existing swimming pool you may want to put your own personal and unique spin on the pool in your backyard and that may require a renovation. If the pool has seen better days and if you haven’t kept up on maintenance or even pool water chemistry it can negatively impact the pool and equipment and may lead to a renovation project.

Here are some other reasons for the renovation.

  • Replace a faded or torn pool liner
  • Have the pool acid washed or replastered
  • Upgrade and update equipment to more energy-efficient models
  • Redo the design of the swimming pool (a major undertaking)
  • To add a hot tub
  • To add a slide, diving board or other pool accessory
  • To automate the pool with a built in vacuum or other pool automation
  • Upgrade or completely change the coping
  • To add a heater
  • To change from a chlorine cleaning system to a salt water chlorination system
  • ┬áTo add or remodel your pool deck
  • To add or remodel your outdoor living space

Most times, pool owners will wait until they have more than one item to be renovated or repaired so they can get it all done at once.

If you’re not sure whether your pool or its equipment needs to be upgraded, ask your pool contractor the next time he pays a service visit. He is intimately involved with your pool equipment and will notice when the pool pump pressure is dropping or increasing and many other subtle changes in equipment you may have missed.

Ask your pool contractor to give you an estimate on what it will cost for must-do items and for want-to-do items. Look at your budget and see what you can afford; there may be some items that you simply cannot put off and you may need to move quickly.

You may find you save money in the long-term when you upgrade to more energy-efficient pool equipment. Ask us for an estimate on what your return on investment will be if you upgrade equipment.

Don’t put off renovations that could negatively impact the water quality, the structural integrity of the pool or other items. Your pool contractor can help you itemize and prioritize the project.


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