With all of the things you think about with your swimming pool you may not have taken much time to think about is the pool ladder safe? The swimming pool ladder gets a lot of use and it needs to be checked and inspected regularly.

The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care inspect the pool ladder and clean behind and around it when they pay a pool service visit. When you are a swimming pool owner there are a myriad of things you need to keep track of — or your pool contractor can keep track of for you — when it comes to pool safety.

If you have an in ground swimming pool you can either have a ladder to get into and out of the water, or you can have steps or a beach entry. A beach entry or steps will take more space in the pool while a ladder doesn’t require additional space and doesn’t detract from the swimming area.

During the pool construction project planning phase you will discuss with us whether you want a ladder or steps or a beach entry and that will be designed into the pool. Its placement and the style of pool ladder will also be determined by the type of construction material you have for your swimming pool. A vinyl liner pool may require a different type ladder than will a gunite constructed pool.

 Is the pool ladder safe?

One of the most important parts of the ladder (well other than the rungs and handles!) are the cups that help connect the ladder to the pool. The cups stabilize the ladder and keep it from floating up into the water when no one is on it.

After the ladder has been installed for the first time and at the opening of the pool every year, an adult should stand on the ladder to test its integrity. Your pool contractor will test and inspect it to assure it’s fully secure and that the rungs and handles aren’t rusting or in danger of breaking.

It’s wise to test the ladder frequently to assure it’s tight and in place. If you add the pool ladder yourself — and it certainly can be done — you will want to follow the instructions on the packaging. If you want to give us a call we can install your ladder for you, whether it’s the first install or if you’re replacing the existing ladder.

When you’re checking the integrity of the ladder you will also want to check the diving board and slide, if you have them, to assure they are secure and that none of the bolts and screws are rusted or loose.