There are numerous ways to give your pool an upgrade — they range from minor aesthetics to major remodels. New tiles give your pool a facelift and fall into the mid-range of small and major pool renovation projects. You can opt to retile the deck for a quick retouch. Or you can work with the swimming pool contractors in Memphis, TN at Advanced Pools, Inc about a complete pool remodel that would involve the removal and replacement of all the pool tiles.

When you opt for a pool tile project you will also want to talk with us about the pool coping. The coping is what goes around the “cap” of the tiles and truly pulls the pool and its tiles together and give it a cohesive and beautiful project your family will be proud to show off for decades to come.  

Pool tiles can blend in with your pool or they can set themselves apart from the rest of the pool. The way you decide on your pool tiles and coping depends on your overall design style — subdued and classic or funky and fun!

The variety of pool tiles available could be mind-boggling and you might want to go into a showroom with an idea in mind of color and style you’d prefer. Consider the way in which the overall tile project will look when it’s done. It may be hard to visualize so ask your pool contractor to do a photographic rendering of what a few options might look like. Just as it’s hard to decide from a swatch of pain how it will look on a whole wall — the same goes for a pool tile project.

New Tiles Give Your Pool A Facelift

Pool coping performs aesthetics and has an important function of keeping water from getting plashed between pool walls. Copi8ng is also a smooth material and makes it more comfortable when you’re sitting on the edge of the deck or getting into and out of the water.

Give us a call if you want to do a pool remodel without tearing the entire pool apart. Also, if your tiles are chipped and worn and the coping is not viable, you will want to address that before the next swim season comes along.