Are you ready to look out in your backyard and see a covered swimming pool already? Do you wish your pool was still open to take advantage of those days when the temperature is above average and you want to take a swim? If you have a swimming pool heater, you can do just that. Now is the time to get a pool heater.

The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care in Atoka, Tennessee explain if you get a pool heater installed you can extend your swim season by weeks, or even months. The length of time you can extend the pool season depends on the type of pool heater you get, how powerful it is, how much you want to pay for the installation and how many more months you want to pay for pool maintenance.

Now is the time to get a pool heater

Swimming pool heaters help you enjoy the investment in your swimming pool and even have a few more pool parties! Remember, bigger isn’t better so don’t choose, or let yourself get talked into a pool heater that is way too large for your pool. Talk with us and we will show you the pool heater size that makes sense and will be energy efficient as well as effective.

Look for a heater with a good warranty and one that your pool contractor recommends. Your pool contractor understands the ins and outs of pool heaters and energy efficiency as well as the heater that will take the chill out of the water.

Energy consumption is key when choosing the pool water heater. You will see a surge in your utility bills when you install a pool heater so make certain you’re prepared for that.

Set a budget then shop for price as well as quality and warranty when talking with us about a swimming pool heater. Give us a call today and let’s keep that pool open!