Memphis, Tennessee swimming pool contractors help pool owners prepare for remodeling projects

After several years of love and use, your swimming pool will start to show the effects of that “love” and that means you may need to consider a swimming pool renovation project. When your swimming pool contractor from Advanced Pools, Inc. pays a service visit he can let you know whether your pool is on the verge of needing to be renovated, remodeled or upgraded.  A pool makeover can make a impressive difference.

Why consider a renovation? If the pool has stained or chipped tiles, flaking paint or just because you’re tired of the look of the pool, its color and even the accessories.  The sky (and your budget) are the limit when you undertake a pool renovation project — you can even go BIG and change the actual shape of your pool! Yes, that is a HUGE New Pool Builder Memphisproject, but it can be done.

Use this handy checklist for when you’re considering a pool remodel:

  1. If your lifestyle has changed since the pool was originally installed, it may be time for an upgrade.
  2. If you bought the house with the pool, you may want to put your own unique stamp on it and that could be the reason for the remodel.
  3. Set a budget.
  4. Do you want the color of the pool to complement or contrast with the color of your home?
  5. Do you want to add lighting to the pool itself?
  6. Do you want to upgrade or update the pool lighting in the outdoor living space?
  7. Will you be upgrading or updating or adding an outdoor living area? What amenities will you want it to provide?

When you meet with your pool contractor here are some specifics to discuss:

  • Will you need to replace or repair pool tiles?
  • Will you replace the deck or patio pavers leading to and from the pool?
  • Do you want to retile the entire pool and deck?
  • Do you want to add accessories such as a rock waterfall, a fountain, diving board or slide?
  • Will you undertake a major renovation that includes adding a deep or shallow end or a spa?
  • Do you need to incorporate a handicapped accessible area?
  • You can update the pool’s finish
  • Update and upgrade your equipment to more energy efficient models
  • Install a motorized pool cover
  • Add a solar pool heating system
  • Upgrade water and energy conservation elements

Ask your swimming pool contractor and local code enforcement officers what you need to do to undertake a project as you may need to apply for building permits.