If you’re researching and investigating your family’s new swimming pool project have you considered reasons to add a spa to your swimming pool? A spa, especially a swim up spa, is a luxury addition you won’t likely ever regret adding.

There are many reasons, the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee say you should add a spa to your pool construction project or to a pool remodeling project. They share what some of those reasons might be. It’s up to you to decide whether a spa is something your family would enjoy, but having a spa means you can spend time in the water year-round and that, for many, is a benefit.

Reasons to add a spa to your swimming pool

Health reasons. When you soak in a spa you can relieve pain and tension in your muscles and joints. A spa, with its heated water and its therapeutic jets, will help eliminate or alleviate aches and pains. Individuals who suffer from arthritis or other muscle aches and pain will benefit from a soak in a hot tub. If you’re recovering from a workout-related injury you can also help get back to full strength by soaking in the hot tub.

Soaking in a hot tub is also therapeutic on your mind and your emotions. The warmth and the soothing bubbles, the feeling of the jets pulsating against your body and the entire calm environment will help ease stress and tension. A soak in a hot tub or spa provides temporary relief to your stress.

A gentle workout. You can exercise in a hot tub or spa and when you do, the warm water is gentle on your joints. When you workout on land it can be hard on your muscles and joints. The heated water in the hot tub will provide buoyancy which will put less stress on your muscles and joints and will allow you to work out in a low impact way. You can do leg lifts, squats and other workouts that will help you get in shape or recover from an injury.

Improved circulation. When you’re in heated water with jets your circulation improves. Being in the heated water will relax your blood vessels, they will widen and your blood will flow more easily. Better blood circulation provides more nutrients and oxygen to your muscles and if you’re injured, it can speed recovery. Diabetics and people suffering neuropathy also benefit from a soak in the hot tub as it can improve circulation in aching feet.

Sleep better. When you soak in a hot tub prior to going to bed you just might sleep better. The water will warm your body and this can ease the transition into a deeper, longer sleep.

Talk with us about getting a swimming pool/hot tub combination project. When you do this you can still close the pool at the end of the season, but keep the hot tub open.