If you don’t want to have to dash into the house because the mid-day sun is too hot to allow you to enjoy the pool, we have reasons to add an awning for pool shade and it’s not a difficult or costly proposition. When you add shade to the pool area it makes sense and it also gives you more hours in the day to spend in and around the pool. Talk with the pool contractors in Memphis, TN from Advanced Pool Care about installing awnings.

When you add shade around the pool and deck it’s not a unique idea BUT you will want to put thought into the project. For example, you don’t want to plant trees only to have the tree roots encroach on the pool and its plumbing and cause damage. Trees also shed leaves, ap and could bring bird that could leave messes on the deck.

Reasons to add awnings for pool shade

Ensuring you have the right mix of shade versus sun, take a few days to track the sun and the way it falls over your pool and gauge which areas you’d like shaded.

If you do a lot of entertaining, offer swimmers a place where they can soak up the sun and also a place to relax out of the sun’s rays — an awning provides that cover.

Are you seeking a permanent structure? A retractable awning that attaches to your deck or the side of your house? Opting for large pool umbrellas that can be placed poolside and moved around to offer shade as the sun moves throughout the day is another way to go. And it’s cost effective!

Pool umbrellas or awnings provide almost endless options in construction, materials, design and colors. You can also find an automated umbrellas that operate on remote control setups as well as automated awnings or those that work on a simple pulley system. Either style allows you to lower and raise it depending on the amount of sun you want on your deck.

Talk with us before you make any decisions — especially if you’re not talking to a “pool guy” because you want to ensure nothing you do encroaches on or has the potential to damage your pool. Give us a call today!