When you walk away from the swimming pool at night and you close the safety gate, do you feel good about how safe the swimming pool is? Reasons to get a pool safety cover vary by family, but if you’re talking with your swimming pool contractor from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee you may want to ask about the benefits of a pool safety cover.

Pool safety covers are vastly different from solar covers and are also different from a traditional pool cover. While a traditional swimming pool cover may provide some level of security from someone falling into the pool water, they cannot be relied upon to keep anyone safe.

 Reasons to get a pool safety cover

Your swimming pool is fun and beautiful and can even add value to your home, but you need to know that owning a swimming pool is a responsibility to keep everyone safe. Now that you’re a swimming pool owner, you need to do what you can to amp up the safety around the swimming pool. Children should also be taught basic pool safety. It should always be a rule of the house that no one swims alone.

The municipality where you live will have rules and regulations in place for pool safety and those likely include the height and construction material of the swimming pool fence, information about its locking mechanism and other safety measures.

What are other benefits of pool safety covers?

  1. A pool cover keeps the pool free from airborne contaminants.
  2. It also seals and protects the pool from the elements.
  3. A safety cover is an additional layer of safety to prevent children, pets and wildflife from falling into the water

Safety covers are only one type of cover you can invest in; there are myriad types on the market that can perform more than one function.

One of the reasons many pool owners aren’t as dedicated to being diligent in the use of the pool cover is that they are hard to take off and put back on and that’s why many people don’t use them as often as they should. Opt a cover that operates electronically via a motor on tracks that run parallel to the swimming pool.

Redundancy with pool safety is never a bad idea. Consider installing pool fencing, pool covers, floating pool alarms and even motion-activated cameras. Only you can decide the safety measures you want to have in place for your pool and your family, but if you have questions, we have answers.