It’s sometimes a fine line between, “should we keep putting money into repairing the pool pump or should we replace it?” The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care in Tennessee offer reasons to replace a pool pump and they involve money savings even though that means spending some money upfront to attain that.

Deciding to spend money and replace the swimming pool pump may or may not be an easy decision. It is all about whether the cost of continued repairs outweighs the money you will save in the long run if a pump is replaced with a more energy-efficient model. As with most repairs or replacement projects, it’s not easy or inexpensive, but the money you invest into a new swimming pool pump especially if you’re going from a single speed to a variable speed pump will definitely be a money saving measure.

Reasons to replace a pool pump

  1. New technology in swimming pool pumps better filter the swimming pool water. New equipment offers better performance and that leads to savings. With a new pump you can operate on shorter running times and still achieve top filtration. Newwer pumps use less energy and leads to operational savings. Some pool owners find that when they switch to a new pump system, they achieve a 90 percent savings in energy.
  2. New pumps offer higher efficiency at higher power. They operate better, faster and may not be as noisy as your current pump. Choose a variable speed pump, one which operates the pump at different speeds depending on the need and that leads to greater overall efficiency.
  3. Older swimming pool pump system don’t use newer technologies, plain and simple. It will take the old pump longer to perform the same tasks new pumps can.

Useful life: Depending on how long you have been using the pool pump, it just might be time to bite the bullet, open your wallet and replace the pump. Ask us for an inspection of your current swimming pool pump. We can give you a useful life insight and let you know if and when it would make more sense to replace it than to keep repairing it.