Renovate your pool on the off-season

Swimming pools require maintenance upkeep just as any other much-loved and much-used structure in your home. You should renovate your pool on the off-season, if it needs it, so you’re not losing any valuable swim time when the next summer swim season rolls around.

The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, TN can work with you to see what items should be immediately addressed and which items can be moved to a later time. You will also need to decide whether you want to update and renovate for aesthetics, for functionality and for energy efficiency or a combination of all of those.

Renovate your pool on the off-season

The pool repairs could involve minor improvements, the addition of pool accessories or many other renovation ideas. If you want to update the outdoor living space or even have an outdoor kitchen constructed, this could be part of the project if it’s in the budget.

Don’t forget those “invisible” upgrades and updates you need to make to keep the pool functioning properly. These invisible updates could be anything from equipment to plumbing to adding a filter or a pool water heater.

The type pool you have may lead to specific upgrades and repairs based on the pool construction material, here are some to consider:

  • A concrete pool can eventually crack. This can occur in areas of the country that have extreme temperature fluctuations or earthquakes. Minor cracks in the concrete can be easily repaired, sometimes without having to drain the pool. Major cracks may require the pool to be drained to make the repair and allow the concrete to dry. If you have a concrete pool that has colored concrete, it will fade over time and will need to be refreshed to keep the pool aesthetically appealing.
  • Fiberglas pools don’t usually require repairs, other than the color may fade over time. The fading can occur because of exposure to the sun and exposure to the pool chemicals.
  • Vinyl pools can rip or tear. A small tear can be sometimes repaired by a pool owner with a pool patch kit. Depending on where the rip is or how large it is, you may need to call upon your pool contractor to help you with the repair — especially if the pool needs to be drained.

Give us a call if you’re thinking you want to have a swimming pool renovation on the off season. Let’s work together to put a pool renovation plan in motion and address any potential operational concerns as well as aesthetic or upgrades you may want to effect.

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