Resolve to have a more energy efficient pool

Of all the resolutions you may be making for 2019, why not resolve to have a more energy efficient pool for the next swim season? It’s possible and the money you put into a pool remodel or renovation project to upgrade and update the pool and its equipment will help you realize savings on your utility bills.

Is your pool energy efficient? That’s a question you need to ask your swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc.  You may have a new or new-ish swimming pool and it just isn’t as energy efficient as it can be. Having a pool that is operating with old or outdated equipment will be costing you money every time you use the pool.

Resolve to have a more energy efficient pool

One of the first things you can do to make your pool more energy efficient is an obvious one, but it’s also one that takes time and thought in order to make it continually beneficial. That one thing? Using a swimming pool cover.

A cover is one of the best investments you can make to save money on loss of heat, loss of water and loss of chemicals through evaporation.

What energy efficient and other benefits does using a cover lead to?

  • Money saved on pool cleaning and maintenance
  • Less water evaporation = fewer chemicals needed
  • Covers enhance efficiency, especially if you heat the pool water. A swimming pool loses up to 95% of its heat from the surface of the pool — staggering!

When talking with us or shopping for a swimming pool cover look for one that fits snugly. If you have a large pool you will find a pool cover unweildy and heavy so you may want to invest in a mechanized pool cover device. If you don’t want to invest in a safety cover or other type of pool cover, you should at least commit to using a solar cover. This is the least expensive type available, it will prevent some dirt from getting in the water but will provide no safety protection — solar covers float on the surface of the pool.

In addition to investing in a pool cover, ask for advice on upgrades and updates and the return on your investment as it relates to energy savings.

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