If you’re having a swimming pool constructed or if you’re in the process of planning a swimming pool remodeling project you may wonder, should you get a beach entry swimming pool? There are many reasons that beach entry swimming pools are prized, the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee explain.

A beach entry pool is ideal for children and for individuals with mobility issues. Children can play on the beach entry pad and individuals with mobility issues can easily get into and out of the pool without having to navigate steps.

Should you get a beach entry swimming pool?

A beach entry swimming pool, at the most basic, is a pool that has a graduated, sloped entry that leads gently into the deeper water of the pool. They are called beach entry because they mimic the appearance of walking into the water on a beach.

When the beach entry is constructed, it will lead into the shallow end, most of the entry will be submerged but the area by the deck will be out of the water and typically remains dry. The beach entry construction is usually as wide as the pool itself. You will need to plan a longer pool as the beach entry takes up a fair amount of space.

Many times the beach entry is marked by a water feature or even accent rocks or some other item that helps denote that the deeper water is coming and the beach entry is ending. The rocks or other features lend aesthetic appeal as well as giving swimmers a visual sign of the end of the beach entry.

Here are other reasons to consider a beach entry pool:

  1. They’re visually appealing
  2. They are easier for those with mobility issues to get into the water
  3.  Children can play in the beach entry space
  4. It can be used as a tanning ledge
  5. The water may be warmer in the beach entry space

Beach entry pools offer functionality and aesthetic appeal. If you think you may want one for your swimming pool, talk with us about it and let’s discuss the options!