What can you do if you want a swimming pool but don’t have a large budget, but more importantly, don’t have a large yard? Does that mean you can’t have a swimming pool? Not at all! Should you get a lap pool? It’s a question the swimming pool contractors in Memphis, Tennessee who work at Advanced Pool Care get asked all the time.

  1. If you have a long, thin yard a lap pool is great.
  2. If you don’t have much of a budget this might just fit.
  3. If you don’t want to give up too much of your yard, but want a pool, then look into a lap pool.

Traditionally, lap pools were prized by individuals who wanted a pool to swim laps in. These pools are becoming more popular though for families who want it all — a pool and yard space! Also, there is no reason you can’t host a pool party in a lap pool!

Should you get a lap pool?

Here are a few other lap pool benefits.

  1. They use less water
  2. They require fewer chemicals
  3. Lap pools complement many architectural styles
  4. Lap pools can have accessories like fountains and unique features.

Lap pool facts

  1. They are about 40-75 feet long
  2. They are about 8-10 feet wide
  3. They are typically 3.5 feet deep
  4. That doesn’t mean you can’t customize your design. For example, L-shaped lap pools are ideal for ease of getting into and out of the pool without having t have steps or a ladder that interrupts swimming flow

Don’t count yourself out of being a pool owner simply because you have a small yard in which to put one. Give us a call and let’s talk about a lap pool project.