Should you get a rectangular pool?

Advanced Pool Care, contractors serving Memphis, TN discuss rectangular pool benefits

When planning a swimming pool project, one of the many decisions you will need to make is the shape of the pool. Should you get a rectangular pool? Is an oval pool more to your taste? Perhaps you want a free form pool that will fit your unique landscape. Talk with your pool contractor from Advanced Pool Care in Memphis, TN about the advantages and disadvantages to a particular shape you’re considering. The considerations are numerous and could be based on the size of your yard, your budget, how many trees or other landscaping items are in the space where the pool would sit.

Should you get a rectangular pool?

Here are a few items to consider when deciding whether you want a traditional, rectangular swimming pool:swimming pools add value

Straight lines: Because of their “straight lines” a rectangular pool provides ample space for children to play and to swim laps. Freeform pools lose swimming area because of the unique shape or because pool ladders or other accessories take up swim space.

Ideal shape: If you have a traditional, rectangle pool, you have the ideal shape if you want a shallow end and a deep end. These pools provide a graceful transition from shallow to deep.

Ease of accessorizing: If you get a pool, you should invest in a swimming pool cover. With a rectangle pool, covers are easy to fit and are also ideal candidates for automation. With an automatic pool cover, the tracks fit in the “gutter” and are virtually invisible. Using an automatic cover means you will be more likely to use it and there are many benefits to using a pool cover.

Have you decided on the pool shape for your project? What types of shapes are you considering? Does a rectangle pool seem like it might be the ideal shape? Give us a call if you are researching a pool construction project this year.

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