Bbbrrr it’s cold outside but you still want to be in the swimming pool. Should you get a swimming pool heater? That is a question the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee get asked all the time.

The answer to whether you should get a swimming pool heater depends on:

      1. What kind of heater you want to get
      2. Whether you have the budget for it
      3. What the weather is where you live and whether it will allow you to truly use the pool.
      4. Is your pool located in an area of your yard that is easy to get to in the deep winter?
      5. Are you willing to pay for year-round pool maintenance if you decide to keep the pool open year-round or for many months of the year?

Should you get a swimming pool heater?

Swimming pool heating can be a costly endeavor or you can opt for more inexpensive measures that may allow you to swim for more months of the year without breaking the bank. Before you decide to get a pool heater, ask yourself, “will we really use the pool in the cooler months enough to warrant a pool heater installation?” If the answer is a resounding, “yes!” then go for it!

Solar heating is an inexpensive method for heating the water

Yes, you will have to pay for the solar array panels and the technology to warm the water, but once it’s installed you should see a return on your investment in a short time because you will be using the sun to heat the water — not relying on fossil fuels or paying for them.

Enhance the warmth the sun offers by investing in a solar pool cover.

In Memphis, Tennessee the sun may just be warm enough — even in the autumn and winter months to warm the water enough to make it comfortable for swimming. Your pool contractor explains that solar pool heating systems involve taking the water from the pool, pumping it into a heat exchanger and finally returning to the pool.

Because the pool water is pumped through a filtration system that also heats the water, you may also need to ivnest in an additional low horsepower electric pump as part of the solar array and solar system. This pump will need to be run about eight hours per day to effectively transfer the water through the solar system and heat it.

Rest assured that you will not be swimming in bath tub level heated pool water if you invest in a heat/temperature controller when you get your solar system. This controller is similar to an indoor thermostat for your home, just this one regulates the water temp in your pool.

Give us a call if you’re considering adding a solar heat system to your pool if you want to extend the time you spend in your swimming pool.