How old is your swimming pool? How happy are you with it? Would you like to upgrade it and update it and perhaps add a diving board or fountains or a hot tub or spa? Should your pool be remodeled this year to include a much-needed replacement of the pool equipment? Is your pool equipment not as energy efficient as it once was?

All of these reasons and more, the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, inc. in Memphis, Tennessee know are the reasons pool owners reach out to them for a discussion about a pool remodeling project. Even during these coronavirus quarantine times, swimming pool contractors have been working with customers because our industry was considered essential. We practice social distancing and wear masks and gloves for our safety and yours, but we can pay a site visit and talk about potential remodeling.

Should your pool be remodeled this year?

Let’s talk about structural repairs that we may recommend, based on the type of pool construction material your pool is.

  • A concrete pool can crack. Cracking happens more often in areas of the country prone to extreme temperature fluctuations or earthquake zones. Minor cracks can be repaired. Large cracks will likely mean your swimming pool contractor will need to drain the pool to effect the repair. The location of the crack will also determine how it can be repaired.
  • Fiberglas pools rarely require repairs. They may fade over time, but aren’t typically prone to damage.
  • Vinyl liner pools can be ripped — the vinyl isn’t easy to rip, but it can happen. Some tears can be fixed, others will require a replacement liner.

Give us a call whether you are considering a structural repair or an upgrade and update or addition of new accessories.