Your family wants a pool, but it also wants to have backyard space. Is there a way you can have it all? If you talk with your Memphis, Tennessee swimming pool contractor about a lap pool project the answer is a resounding yes! If you either have a small family, if the children have left the nest or if you don’t plan to host large pool parties, a lap pool may just be ideal.lap pool

Lap pools are becoming popular options for homeowners that want the beauty and relaxation of a swimming pool, but who don’t want to give up the beauty and relaxation of their yardspace. If you talk with the swimming pool builders from Advanced Pools you will find this style pool may just be what you’re looking for.  Some potential pool owners opt for a lap pool when exercise and fitness take precedence over pool parties and recreational swimming activities — keep in mind though that there is no reason you can’t host a pool party in your lap pool!

There are myriad selling points for a lap pool project including:

  • They require less water than a full sized pool
  • They typically have a simple, straight-line design that complements many architectural styles
  • They blend into the existing landscape easier than full sized pools
  • They can still accommodate water features
  • They can be as unique as you and your family’s lifestyle

Lap pools are usually 40-75 feet in length and are typically eight to 10 feet wide and three and a half feet deep, although you could have a deeper pool if you desired. Ask your pool contractor about having an L-shaped pool constructed as a way to not take up any space in the swimming lane with steps. The L-shaped area could even be used as a beach entry play space for children or your pets. 

If you’ve always struggled with wanting a pool, but not wanting to give up your entire yard, a lap pool could be ideal for your needs!