Advanced Pools, Inc. pool contractors know that swimming pools can take up a LOT of space. Small yard, no problem: you can still get a pool. How? Have you ever thought about having a lap pool constructed? These pools give you most of the fun of a full sized pool without sacrificing your entire yard to make it happen.

Many homeowners want a swimming pool, but they want grass in the backyard, a swing set for the kids, a deck, a pool house or other outdoor amenities. You don’t have to sacrifice the dream of a pool because you have a dream for a back yard space. you can have it all — when you have a lap pool!

Small yard, no problem: You can still get a pool

What is a lap pool?

Essentially, a lap pool is a single lane of a pool. It’s typically four to six feet deep and is prized by homeowners with limited yard space. You can swim laps in this pool — hence, the name. There is no reason you can’t also have a pool party or enjoy family times in a lap pool.

Lap pools require much less yard space, use less water and will potentially cost you less in chemicals, heating and perhaps even construction.

How big is a lap pool?

Most lap pools are between 40-75 feet long, eight to 10 feet wide and four to six feet deep. With a lap pool, you may want to have it constructed as an “l” shape. In the “l” is there you will have steps or your ladder. Because you will have such a small swim area, you don’t want to sacrifice swim space for the pool steps. Talk with us for unique ways to incorporate steps or a ladder without detracting from the shape of the pool.

If you thought you couldn’t have a swimming pool because your yard wouldn’t accommodate one, give us a call. We can help you make it happen!