Soothe your aching back by swimming laps

Advanced Pools, Inc. contractors that swimming can alleviate back painĀ 

Oh, my aching back! If you have back pain it is no laughing matter. Did you know, you could soothe your aching back by swimming laps? The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee know that to be true.

They also understand that if you add exercise into your day you may be able to lessen the pain you’re feeling in your lower back. If, however, you have back pain you know that simple movements can cause excrutiating pain. A swimming pool “workout” though can alleviate your back pain in a way that won’t leave you suffering even more when the workout is done.

Soothe your aching back by swimming laps

Relief can be found when you ease your way into the swimming pool and swim short, slow laps. When you swim, your body is being supported by the water and is almost weightless. When you’re swimming, though you are loosening your muscles and joints and stretching your limbs and that can all help alleviate pain in your back.

If you’re seeking a way to get your life back on track, gain range of motion and experience less pain, swimming may do all of that — and more. Swimming will enhance all areas of your life and your health. But, don’t start swimming until you speak with your doctor and he has cleared you to start this type of a workout routine.

In addition to alleviating back pain, swimming alleviates pressure and pain in your back because it improves your circulation, strengthens your heart and enhances your lung capacity. Additionally you will be strenghtening your core muscels and those are what help support your back. All of this may lead to less pain.

Remember, you’re not out to win the Olympics, you’re looking to loosen your muscles and ease the pain you’re experiencing. Plan short swim sessions — maybe thirty minutes to start out — and swim at your own pace. If you want to lose weight as part of your overall swim routine (and less weight may help alleviate back pain) you will need to swim fast enough to raise your heart rate.

Here’s to your swim routine and to less back pain!

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