If you share your lives with cats you probably know they’d rather be like the cat in this photo and lie around on a table looking at water in a jar with a fish swimming in it. But, if you’re a swimming pool owner the pool contractors from Advanced Pools in Memphis, Tennessee offers swimming pool safety tips for cat owners.

Your cat may not want to join you in the pool, but they are curious and the splashing of the water may entice them to investigate. Also, outdoor or feral cats may seek out your swimming pool as their watering hole.

Swimming pool safety tips for cat owners

If you have dogs, you have heard these safety tips before, but if you’re a new pool owner you may be interested in these tips whether you have cats or dogs.

Here are our top cat safety tips:

  • Your swimming pool can look like an oasis to an outdoor or neighborhood or feral cat. The chemicals in the water are not safe. If there are loose cats in your neighborhood, keep the swimming pool covered and offer the cats a fresh bowl of water in an area that is not by the pool.
  • If your cat falls into the water, scoop him out — using a towel to protect you from his claws. Make sure you clean the pool water out of his ears so he doesn’t get an infection.
  • Install a ramp in the pool if you have pets in the house. Teach the pets how to use the ramp and trust that they will see it and be able to get out of the pool if you’re not right there. Hang a flag or other visual to point the pet toward it so he knows he is swimming to safety.
  • Don’t believe the myth that all animals know how to swim — they don’t. There are some dogs (bull dogs, for example) that will sink and should be kept out of water unless it is no deeper than his knees. If you have a dog who loves the water and can swim, it still might make sense to keep him in a doggie life jacket to keep him safe.
  • A pool safety cover is the best protection you can offer your pets and to give yourself peace of mind.

If you have pets in the house, talk with us about various safety measures you should have in place to keep them safe from harm.