Your swimming pool contractor from Advanced Pools in Memphis, TN has completed building the pool now what? They offer swimmng pool start up tips for new and experienced pool owners. After all, if you’ve been waiting weeks or months for the chance to jump in you certainly want to know when that’s going to happen, right?

It may seem as though as long as the pool is full you can call your friends and family and jump right in? Well, maybe not quite so fast, the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. explain.

Even though the pool looks ready, there are final, finishing steps that need to be taken before your contractor gives the go ahead to the first family swim time.

Swimming pool start up tips

  • The pool has to be filled. This is a given, but once the construction is done — actually before the construction has wrapped up you will need to decide if you’ll fill the pool with the hose or if you will have water trucked in. There are benefits and drawbacks to both so talk with us so you can make an informed decision. If you’re filling the pool from a hose it could take up to a day and a half to fill it. Also, you will want to talk to your local municipality to let them know you’re filling a pool so they don’t charge you a “discharge” rate on the thousands of gallons you use to fill the pool.
  • After the installation of the pump and filtration systems are done, we remove any plaster dust so it won’t stick to the pool walls and floor once the water starts to go in. We will brush the pool several times a day to assure that no dust adheres to the sides or bottom or we will expect the pool owner to do it because you’re on site. You will want to be diligent in brushing the pool at least daily for the first week or two to assure no dirt and debris or plaster dust is discharged into the pool.
  • Chemical addition. You can’t just fill the pool with water — whether from the hose or from a truck — and think you can jump right in. Chemicals will need to be added to remove bacteria and algae spores from the water. The chemicals are circulated by the pool pump and filter and keep the water free of bacteria. Regular monitoring and testing of the water is crucial to keeping bacteria at bay, keeping the pool equipment safe from harm if chemicals get out of balance and keeping the water clear and sparkling bright. Purchase a water testing kit from your pool contractor, ask him how to interpret it and test between service visits — this is especially true when you are first getting your pool set up. If you don’t want to interpret the readings, you can take a bucket of water into his store for testing. It is important — especially in start up phase to assure the pool water chemistry is balanced.

Yes, you may have to wait another day or two before you and your family can jump into the pool once it’s constructed. But be patient, you will have decades in which to build memories with your friend and family in your brand new pool!