Your budget may be the determining factor on what type pool construction material you get. However, if you’ve set your heart on a gunite pool there are changes you can make in order to make it a reality. The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, TN offer up three reasons to get a concrete pool even though we know you can find many more!

In-ground swimming pools are always more expensive than an above-ground pool, but a concrete aka gunite in-ground swimming pool will be with you for a lifetime! While other materials — fiberglass or vinyl liner — are ideal for some, fiberglass ends to fade and a vinyl liner pool can suffer from rips and tears and this could be a major consideration if you have children and dogs who may be in the pool.

Three reasons to get a concrete pool

If you’re still trying to decide what type of construction material to get for your 2021 pool project, consider these:

  1. Concrete is likely to increase the value of your home. The reason is that gunite pools are considered the most permanent style of pools and a well-designed concrete pool could add to the resale value of your home. That may be a consideration for some.
  2. Concrete pools won’t spring leaks. They are low maintenance. A gunite pool, however may be more prone to algae growth because the construction material isn’t completely smooth.
  3. When you have a concrete pool constructed you will have a pool for a lifetime. These pools won’t collapse in a storm, won’t fade, won’t get holes and won’t need to be replaced. Yes, you will want to have an acid wash performed to keep it looking like new, but that’s about all!

If you’re looking for a swimming pool that allows your mind to run free with the idea of design and shape then a concrete pool is for you! Concrete is a unique, and yes more costly choice, but it is a pool designed to be with you for decades!