The design of your swimming pool is an exciting, but it is also one that can be fraught with indecision. Tips for designing your family swimming pool are offered by the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc in Memphis, Tennessee. Making the decision to actually become a pool owner is probably the easiest part of getting a pool. The difficult part is deciding what it will look like, what you will have for its accessories and where you will place it.

Ask your pool contractor for a bird’s eye view of your yard once the swimming pool has been placed in it. You may not have considered its placement and what it will look like, and how much yard space you will have available once the pool is in place. A bird’s eye view will help you see it more clearly than will a ground view.

Tips for designing your family swimming pool

Here are some ideas to help you with the design of your swimming pool:

  • Grab some home design books or architectural magazines and look at swimming pools in them for inspiration on both pool design and outdoor living space design.
  • Make note of the pool design itself, the color, the shape, the coping and decking because you will want to make decisions on those options as well.
  • Measure your backyard space, sketch the trees and other landscape items in your yard currently and then determine how your pool might fit into this. Take your sketch with you to the pool contractor meeting.
  • Movies and television are great places for pool design insight.
  • What do the pools of your friends and family look like? You may want to “steal” design elements from them.
  • Ask the pool contractor you’re going to work with if you can look at photos of other swimming pools he’s designed that you can draw inspiration from.
  • Your pool contractor can offer design suggestions based on your wants and needs for the family swimming pool

In the initial planning stages, let your imagination run wild. You can scale back once you’ve spoken to your pool contractor and he helps you fit your budget into your potential swimming pool project.

Be open to discussing your ideas with the pool builder but defer to his or her expertise and remember, it’s likely the more wild the design, the higher the price tag.