Advanced Pool Care contractors explain pool safety covers

Aaahhhh the fun times spent in a family swimming pool. It’s a great way to while away the hours when the heat and humidity are high. In addition to the fun you have in your swimming pool, all pool owners need to be vigilant in swimming pool safety and that’s why the swimming pool builders from Advanced Pool care explain the benefit of using a pool safety cover.


Making certain that everyone who uses the pool is using it safely is a big responsibility that comes with pool ownership and it’s one that all pool owners undertake when they have their own pools. They need to know it’s crucial to keep both pets and children safe in and around the pool. Even though you are incorporating safety measures, you swimming pool coverneed to make certain your children understand the “rules of the pool” and the biggest one is that no one is allowed to use the pool alone.

Municipalities across the country have zoning and code laws in place that require either fencing, pool safety alarms or both. Your pool contractor explains that if you use a swimming pool cover, you can purchase one that does double duty — protecting your pool and helping to keep your family safe. Covers seal and protect the pool from the elements and they also provide a protective barrier to prevent children or pets from falling into the water as well as trapping in warm water and cutting back on evaporation. 

Talk with your pool contractor about either a manually installed cover (which you physically put on and remove after swimming) or an automatic cover which can retract and then close at the push of a button. Keep in mind, though that a cover is not a foolproof method for keeping children safe from drowning and should be one of a layer of safety measures.

Your pool should be surrounded by a fence that has a locking gate — this is likely a law in your area of the country. Your pool contractor will be well-versed in the laws for your particular area and can help you choose a fence that adds ambiance to your swimming area. A pool safety fence can be decorative and protective.

Redundancy is ideal when it comes to safety measures for your pool and this means that many pool owners will have pool fencing, pool covers and pool alarms. Talk with your swimming pool contractor about the many layers of protection you have have installed with your swimming pool and don’t rule out the benefits of a swimming pool cover.