Are they any benefits to having a pool skimmer? They are inexpensive and are so low-tech you may not think they bring any value. What are the benefits of a pool skimmer? The pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee explain that a pool skimmer is an easy way for you to scoop out bugs and debris to keep the water cleaner.

Also, preventing leaves and debris from falling to the bottom of the pool can prevent staining from organic materials. There are pool skimmers built into your pool and that will draw water into it and through to the filter. The skimmer has a basket inside that traps debris keeping it out of the filter and giving you an easy way to get it out of the water.

Made of plastic, with a telescoping head, a pool skimmer has a tank that protects the side of the pool. The device moves across the surface of the water through a “weir” and it adjusts to allow only a layer of water to spill over. The water moves off the surface of the pool and quickly and easily keeps the water free of debris.

What are the benefits of a pool skimmer?

When you talk with pool owners you will find they may interchangeably use the word skimmer — to mean the skimmer basket and to mean the handheld telescoping pole with a thin screen that you use to scoop up floating debris.

Technology has brought us the robotic pool skimmer and it operates without any intervention — talk about ease of use! These work like in home vacuum cleaners and there are some that go to the bottom of the pool to clean the floor and there are skimmers that float on top of the water to scoop up floating debris.

You will want to make certain the skimmer is working at its peak. You also need to empty the pool’s side skimmer basket and you will also want to use the handheld skimmer between service visits.