You’re getting the swimming pool of your dreams. You’ve put together a budget for the cost of the pool and its equipment and your monthly payback on a loan — if you took one out. BUT did you ask what does it cost to own a swimming pool? The payback for the construction is only the beginning of what you will need to budget for, long term, to own a pool.

The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care in Tipton, Tennessee have put together this list of items to talk with us about — or with the pool contractor of your choice — to ask about the estimates or average costs to operate a pool for the life of the pool.

What does it cost to own a swimming pool?

We have put together this checklist of items you will want to think about, ask a pool contractor about and budget for:

  1. The cost of pool chemicals. If you are going to DIY pool maintenance you will be looking at about $300 in chemicals for a season. Keep in mind that the recent coronavirus pandemic has made chlorine scarce and it may be difficult for a home pool owner to find the necessary chemicals.
  2. Increases in utility bills. We can give you an average cost on increases in utility bills based on your unique pool and the costs of utilities in your area. Utility bills will have variables that include the size of the pool, cost of electricity where you live, how often you use the pool and how often you run the pump and filter. Note, don’t try to cut costs by running the pump and filter for fewer hours because that will negatively impact the water chemistry and quality.
  3. The water to fill the pool for the first time and the ongoing cost of water to keep the pool full. Water will evaporate and will also be splashed out and need to be refilled.
  4. If you heat the pool water you will need to determine the type of heater as well as the cost to operate it.
  5. The cost of a swimming pool cover. We don’t recommend cutting costs by deciding not to buy a pool cover. Covers perform double duty — keep dirt and debris out of the water and help slow the rate of evaporation. If you invest in a safety cover, you are adding a third duty in keeping people/children and pets safe from falling into the water.

Weigh the costs of pool ownership and also factor in whether you will swim year-round and that will be something to add to your budget. Give us a call and let us help you with your budgeting.