The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee have put together a guide of what happens during a spring swimming pool opening. If you’re new to pool ownership or if this is the first year you’re going to leave the pool opening to the pros, you will want to know their process, right?

This information is great for the DIYer or for anyone who wants to know what goes on in the backyard when the pool is prepared for the new swim season.

What happens during a spring swimming pool opening?

Ready? Set? Go!

  1. The pool cover will be cleaned before it is removed. If the cover is simply pulled off, it will drop all the water and winter debris right into the swimming pool. and that will make the pool cleaning task harder than it should be. Also, this is a great time to thoroughly clean the pool cover before it is stored. It’s easier to clean when it’s still in place and taut across the pool.
  2. Caps, plugs and fittings will be replaced. Winter fittings and caps were put in place to keep water in and debris out. They will be swapped out on the return lines. If you live in an area of the country that freezes in the winter, your pool contractor would have put antifreeze into the lines and that antifreeze needs to be blown out before the pool is turned back on.
  3. The pool will need to be refilled. The water was likely drained to below the skimmer for the winter. It will now be refilled and that means filling it from a hose or having water trucked in. It is quicker to truck it in, but you may prefer to fill it from the hose.
  4. The pump and filter will be inspected and the pump will be primed. The o-rings will be checked for any cracks and will be replaced if necessary.
  5. The pool water will be cleaned and the pool chemicals tested and balanced. The pool will be brushed and vacuumed and the water chemistry tested and chemicals added. The pool pump and filter will need to be run continuously for up to 48 hours to turn the water over in the pool several times. The water chemistry will be tested again and more chemicals added, if necessary to properly balance it.

If you’re comfortable with this DIY project, and many pool owners are, then have at it — you know everyone in the household is waiting to get in for the first swim of 2020. If you want to leave the spring pool opening to a contractor, give us a call and we will get it ready for you and your family.