What is black algae?

What is black algae? Pool service contractors from Advanced Pool Care explain

“Black algae” could be a name that is misleading. Algae bloom in your swimming pool can be green or black. Did you know that black algae can take over a swimming pool from the time you check it at night until the time you wake up in the morning? What is black algae? It is a form of algae and bacteria that your swimming pool contractor from Advanced Pool Care can help keep at bay through proper care and water pool chemistry.

Of all of the algae bloom types that can impact your swimming pool, black algae is the most difficult to rid the pool of.

What is Black Algae?pool algae

Green algae is the most common type you will see in a swimming pool. It’s easier than black algae to eliminate, but that is not to say it is easy to elminate. Black algae, however, is the most aggressive algae and the organism that causes it is hearty. When black algae is beginning to form, you will see spores floating on the surface of the pool. You can scoop these spores, but doing that and adding more chlorine will not eliminate this issue. The reason it requires more than super-chlorination is because the roots of black algae will anchor itself in any tiny crack in your pool’s plaster or finish. The organisms are so minute that it is difficult to see the areas in which the spores are taking hold. Because the spores nestle into small cracks, it makes it more difficult to eradicate.

What will your pool contractor do to fight black algae?

Your pool contractor will don gloves and scrub the black algae areas with a chlorine soaked brush. If the algae is in the bottom of the pool, he will attach a chlorine tab to a pool pole and brush the spot. Following the scrubbing of the algae spots, he will brush the walls, steps and all other surfaces of the pool. The pumps and filters will be turned off during all of this process. He will vacuum up the loosened algae.

Algaecide will be added to the pool. It will be super-chlorinated and you will be unable to use the pool until the algae is addressed — this could take a week, depending on the severity of the infiltration.

Can black algae be prevented? 

The best way to prevent algae bloom — whether green or black — is through proper pool maintenance and by maintaining proper pool chemistry. Your pool contractor will check the pump and its filtration and circulation during service visits to assure the water is flowing at proper levels. He will test the water and add chemicals to keep the water in balance.

There is no substitute to continual and proper pool maintenance. Working with a pool service professional may help you eliminate having to face algae bloom. If you’re doing your own pool maintenance and are faced with algae bloom, give us a call, we can help!

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