Because a swimming pool construction project is a major investment in both time and money, you need to do more than just choosingswimming pool construction a name at random from the phone book or an internet search. You need to choose wisely because you don’t want a pool contractor  that doesn’t show up on time, installation that came in above budget, a pool that wasn’t the quality you’d expected. To avoid getting a swimming pool contractor that doesn’t live up to his work, you need to look for and research quality, qualified swimming pool contractors in Memphis, Tennessee before making any decisions or signing a contract.

Here are tips from the swimming pool builders at Advanced Pools, Inc. on what to look for in a pool installation contractor:

  1. A good contractor will have references and a reputation that speaks for itself. Ask your friends and neighbors who they use or if they’ve heard of the contractor you’re considering. When a install is complete, happy customers are willing to spread the word.
  2. How long has the contractor been in business? What kind of training do they have? When it comes to custom pools, the design and construction process is not one that can be learned overnight. The best contractors will have a body of experience. Even if the company itself is new, ask about the experience of the contracts that work for them.
  3. A contractor should be able to show you photos of before, during and after of pools he or she has installed and may also be able to offer you on-site visits of completed projects. When it comes to custom-designed pools, photos and on-site visits should be part of the deal. Your contractor should have a portfolio of his or her work.
  4. While it may be a routine event for a contractor to install a pool, for you, it’s likely a first time process and the contractor should lead you through the process step-by-step. There should be a consultation period where you tell the contractor what you’re looking for and discuss the options. If you’re considering a custom design, it’s crucial that you review the design well before a shovel is stuck in the ground.
  5. Your contractor should provide you with a contract that spells out the rights, responsibilities, and final outcomes. A reputable contractor will never proceed without one.

With some time and research it’s possible for your pool installation to go smoothly and then provide your family with hours of fun, healthy entertainment. It’s also never too soon to begin the “interview” process for your potential Tennessee swimming pool contractor, next summer’s swim season will be here before you know it!