Has anyone in the family ever asked, “what’s the best pool water temperature?” Have you ever asked your pool contractor what the best temperature for the pool water is, or should be? If so, we’ll bet the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care who serve Tipton, Fayette and Shelby counties in Tennessee and they will probably tell you — whatever your family is most comfortable in.

It’s not that they don’t want to answer, it’s just that the temperature that is great for one family — or even one person in a family — compared to another is vastly different.

There may not be an ideal pool temperature that works for everyone, but there are some temperatures that are a great starting point for you to consider. Temperatures between 78 and 82 degrees are considered “ideal” but it may be too warm, or too cold for you and your family. If you’re being active and swimming laps you may not want water that is too warm. If you’re slowly swimming or playing with the children, you may want the water to be warmer. Confusing, right?

Okay, ask yourself if there is a temperature in your house that makes everyone happy. We’ll bet there is someone who is comfortable and someone who is shivering and covered with blankets, right.

What’s the best pool water temperature?

Do a poll of everyone who will use the pool what they want the water to feel like when they are in the pool:

  1. Brisk
  2. Bathwater
  3. Between the two

Water temperature is a delicate balancing act and you may want to choose a temp between 78-82 then adjust a degree or two one way or another until you find one that the majority of the family can agree upon.

Remember, all of this discussion is moot if you don’t have a pool heater and are relying on Mother Nature to heat the pool water.

We do suggest choosing the initial temperature, swimming in it for a few days then deciding whether it’s too hot or too cold then changing it by a degree or two. Don’t jump the temp too much one way or another go one or two degrees until you hit the sweet spot.

If you want a pool heater this summer, give us a call and we can talk about them with you and help you decide which is the best for your family’s needs.