This isn’t about swimming in shark-infested waters! When is it safe to go into the water? That’s more about, whether it’s a myth when your parents and grandparents told you you had to wait for thirty minutes before swimming after you’d eaten a meal. Is that a myth or a reality?

Well, the bottom line is, that the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care in Memphis, TN say, is that it won’t hurt if you wait, but you don’t necessarily have to. One of the reasons you may not need to wait is because you will never swim alone, right?

When is it safe to go into the water?

Chances are you grew up with family members who cautioned against not thinking you could eat then jump right into the pool. You were warned out of that notion and in some cases, a timer was set and children paced until the timer went off and they could feel free to swim.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Red Cross explain there really aren’t any “known side effects to swimming immediately after eating.” But, that being said, eating a heavy meal may before swimming or any activity lead to cramps. The reason is your body needs oxygen to digest food and if you’re not giving it time to digest you could cramp up and potentially drown. Yes, that may be over the top, but in years past parents may not have been as diligent about never leaving a child alone in a pool. Remember, we used to be able to run around the neighborhood from dawn til dusk — not many parents let that happen, nowadays.

It’s unlikely swimming after a meal would lead to drowning. Today, kids and their parents who swim in the backyard family swimming pool — and are together — help minimize any risk of pool injury.

What is the bottom line rule of the pool? “NEVER swim alone.” No one, adult or child, should be in the pool alone. There is safety in swimming numbers. Ask us if you want more pool safety rules.