The pool looks like it’s ready, why can’t we swim yet? We understand how anxious you are to don your swim suit and jump into the water — we get it! A pool construction project seems like it is never going to end, but now that it has, you want to get in. The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, TN explain what happens after the pool’s built and why you’ll have to be patient a bit longer.

Once the construction has been done — and even after the pool has been filled, there are still items that need to be complete before the pool is truly swim-ready.

Why can’t we swim yet?

What needs to be done before your pool contractor gives the thumbs up for a jump into the swimming pool to kick off a fun filled family summer in the pool: pool party


  • It has to be filled. Whether you fill it from the hose at your house or you buy water and have it trucked it, this is one of the final steps. If you’re filling from a hose, it may take up to 36 hours to fill completely. Also, if you have a vinyl liner pool your pool contractor will need to “walk the wrinkles” out as the pool fills. NOTE: if you fill the pool from a hose, call your local water department to see if they will waive the “discharge” fee because even though you’re using the water, you’re not discharging it.
  • The pool will need to be smoothed to remove any rough parts in the plaster — especially true if you get a concrete swimming pool. The pool may also need to be brushed daily to assure it’s smooth.
  • The pump and filter will need to be run for hours — days — in order to fully circulate the water and remove any bacteria.
  • Pool chemicals will need to be added, circulated, tested, and maybe more will need to be added. Regular monitoring and testing of the water is crucial to keeping bacteria at bay especially in those first days and weeks when the pool is new and the water is being treated.

We know it’s difficult to look at the pool and see the water in it and know the pump and filter and all of the equipment are doing their job, but that you can’t get in yet. Be patient. Once you get the go ahead you will be building memories for decades!