Algae in the swimming pool stop you in your tracks if you’re planning to out and enjoy yourself with friends. There are times you may look at the pool water and think it looks a little “off” it could look cloudy or you might think it’s not as clear and has a green tinge and if that’s the case, the algae is on its way to bloom. There are other times that you wake up, go to the pool and it’s loaded with algae. Why is there algae in the swimming pool is a question we get asked by our customers when they are faced with the situation?

Swimming pools that are properly maintained and the chemicals are properly balanced rarely if ever fall victim to algae, but we never say never. In many cases the algae may grow if you’re on vacation, the pump isn’t running, the cover is on and the sun is out. That is a perfect algae storm! The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care in Memphis, Tennessee are here to help!

Unfortunately, it is not a one and done, in many cases, to get an algae-filled pool back to clear water. It takes time and a LOT of chlorine.

Prevention is best and that is accomplished through diligent maintenance. However, as we mentioned, there could be a time that no matter what you do, algae just blooms.

Why is there algae in the swimming pool?

Here are steps we will take to get the green out:

  1. We will remove all debris by using a skimmer net, not a vacuum at first because that will just stir up the algae and water.
  2. pH and alkalinity levels will be adjusted. Getting the levels within proper ranges is necessary to ensure the algae gets out, and stays out.
  3. The pool will be super chlorinated, also known as shocked, to kill off algae and bacteria. It might take days and more chlorine than you’d ever imagine to get rid of it. The addition of chlorine will be done until the water color is light green, cloudy white or to clear. At this point, you cannot overshock the pool, so don’t fret about how much chlorine we have to use; it’s necessary.
  4. The filter will need to be run 24 hours a day. It will need to be backwashed several times to see quick results. Keep in mind that the algae can clog the filter and that’s why it needs to be backwashed. At this time you can’t over chlorinate nor can you over shock it. The more you run the filter, the more frequently the pool is backwashed, the quicker you will see results. Those pool owners that have a DE filter for the pool will need to be prepared to remove the DE and add new DE. Sometimes, a DE filter is more work than a sand filter, but when you have an algae filled pool it will clean up more quickly than sand filters.

Once the water clears it is not unusual to see debris and algae on the bottom of the swimming pool. That is when we will recommend vacuuming the pool.

Daily maintenance and chemical balance testing will usually prevent a pool from suffering an algae bloom.