Why LED lights are ideal for swimming pools

Are you in the midst of a swimming pool construction or remodeling project? You may want to talk with your swimming pool contractor from Advanced Pools, Inc in Memphis, Tennessee about why LED lights are ideal for swimming pools.

For safety’s sake, swimming pools should have lights installed in the floors and walls — this is especially true if the pool has a “deep end.” The deep ends of many swimming pools are very dark and that can be dangerous if you’re a night swimmer.

LED lighting offers both aesthetically pleasing as well as safety for keeping the pool well-lit. If you’re the type of family who entertains once the sun goes down, lighting the pool and your outdoor living space with LED lighting will create a stunning display.

What are LED lights? 

LED is also known as Light Emitting Diodes, it is an illumination that is energy-efficient, long lasting and provides a variety of lighting options. LED lighting can be installed with a multitude of color options. No longer do you have to stick with the traditional white lighting — your LED lights can come in jewel tones, blues, golds, whites and other colors of the rainbow.

The lighting system that is equipped with LED bulbs can last for thousands of hours, rather than the hundreds of hours an incandescent bulb will last.

LED lights are also not hot to the touch and can be installed in the pool, in the outdoor living space, the slide and to light up water features such as a fountain if you have one.

Why LED lights are ideal for swimming pools 

When you’re hosting a backyard swimming pool party, the LED lighting can be set to match the mood of the party — red, whites and blues for your July Fourth party will truly set the mood.

Ask your swimming pool contractor how many colors you have to choose from with the LED lighting he sells. How can you operate the LED lighting — a remote control option is ideal. How difficult is it to change the bulbs when they stop working? Will you need the pool contractor to come back and change any bulbs that are no longer working?

LED lighting is economical as well as aesthetically pleasing. Talk with your pool contractor about adding LED lights to your pool construction or pool remodeling project.

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