Did you remember to turn on the pool filter and pump? Did you remember to turn off the pool pump and filter? Is the pool heater still on? It’s a lot to remember and that’s why pool timers make sense. The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care in Memphis, Tennessee explain that adding timers to the swimming pool and spa equipment is a great way to add convenience and take a load off your mind!

The addition of timers to equipment lets you turn on filters, heaters and pumps at specified times. If you run cleaning cycles overnight or when you’re at work during the day, maintenance becomes less of an issue. Also, if you set the pool timer to turn on lights or fountains you can set the mood and heighten the ambiance around your swimming pool before you even jump in.

Why pool timers make sense

Never have to question, did I turn on — or off — the pump and filter? Setting the timer gives you the chance to set it and forget it. And that will help you sleep nights, ensure everything is running when it should and also makes the pool more energy efficient.

A twist timer – similar to an egg timer – is useful on your hot tub or sauna as a way to limit the amount of time you’re soaking. The timer will turn off the jets at a set time. When you’re in the hot tub or spa you should make certain you aren’t in for too long because you can become dehydrated.

Give us a call if you want to talk about the installation of a timer for various pieces of pool equipment that let you set it and forget it.

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