Summer is officially over — as everyone says once Labor Day has passed. What we know is that there are still many weeks of warm weather left to spend in the swimming pool, but if you’re looking to buy pool furniture we have info on why you should buy your pool furniture now.

The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools in Memphis, Tennessee know that their customers are blessed with longer swimming seasons than many pool owners around the country. This is the best time of year to upgrade and update the pool side space and the outdoor living area.

Many pool stores or even the big box stores will begin marking down the pool furniture so they don’t have to store it and so next year they aren’t left with “last year’s” furniture. Truly, does furniture go that far out of style? Probably not, and that is great for you!

There is no better place to relax than poolside and if you have a well-furnished swimming pool deck. There are myriad shapes, styles and materials when it comes to swimming pool and patio furniture. There are the traditional webbed lounge styles, hammocks and hand-hewn wooden furniture.

Why you should buy pool furniture now

When you’re shopping for new or upgraded pool furniture here are a few things to think about.

  1. The style. What is your personal style? Do you want your pool furniture to mimc how you decorate your home or do you want a completely different, outdoorsy feeling? Poolside furniture can be matching and complementary in style and color whether it’s lounges and chairs or complete outdoor patio sets including outdoor eating areas. You may want to have a color theme to pull the entire area together. Look for your centerpiece and build around that.
  2. The material. Choose from wrought iron or cypress and cedar are durable woods. Cedar and cypress withstand the water swimmers drip onto it. You can also choose bamboo or other woods for the furniture.
  3. The fabric. Choose colors that lend a bright color splash reminiscent of a jungle or floral garden or something more muted to give you outdoor living space a more subdued look and feel. Choose one vivid color as a base and build the rest of your cushion colors around it in more muted tones. Unless you plan to upgrade and update your furniture every year make certain you choose a color that you want to live with for many years.

Spend time sitting on the furniture and think about how comfortable it will be for the long-term and how much upkeep it will take to keep it looking as good as new.