You may not have considered using a solar blanket or solar cover for your Tipton, TN swimming pool but the pool contractors from Advanced Poolcare explain why you should use a pool solar cover. A solar cover or blanket retains heat in your pool water after the sun goes down. A solar blanket raises the pool water temperatures and that is great for those end-of-the-season swim sessions.

When purchasing a solar blanket or cover, measure the longest and widest points of your pool or hot tub. Account for steps and seats as well. Once you purchase your solar blanket, stretch it out and lay it across your pool for a couple of days before you do any trimming of it. If you wait, it will give the blanket time to get all of the wrinkles worked out of it so you can be sure you are getting a proper cut. Use a razor or sharp scissors to trim the blanket – making sure it covers, and overlaps, end to end and side to side.

Why you should use a pool solar cover

Talk with us about the best way to store and use the solar blanket/cover. You can purchase a rolling system to manually (or even electronically) roll and unroll the blanket when not in use. You don’t need to invest in the solar blanket reel, though if you don’t want to. Many individuals opt to simply roll it up and store it in the bag that came with it. If you do this, make certain the blanket is clean and dry before you store it.

If you need to clean the solar cover, wet it with fresh water from the hose and use a brush on a telescoping pole to gently clean it. After you’re done, rinse it off with the hose. Spread it out on the lawn to dry completely before you roll it up and pack it away.

Once you’ve made the investment in a solar cover you want to make certain you get the most out of it and extend the life of the blanket as long as possible. One of the best ways to keep the cover viable is to always remove it and keep it off when you shock or otherwise chemically treat the water. Keep in mind too that as odd as it sounds, the sun can damage your solar cover. When the cover is on the roller, make certain you protect it from the sun as it will lose its pliability if exposed to direct sunlight for too long.

While your solar cover will not last forever, with proper care you can expect it to last at least a half a dozen years. Ask us if you have any questions about solar covers or solar blankets.