Do you swim at night? Do you have a deep end in your swimming pool? If you answered yes to either of these then you know why your pool needs lights. A deep end in a swimming pool, the contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee is dark even on a bright sunny day. To swim safely at night, lights are a must-have.

Adding LED lighting to your swimming pool is one of those upgrades that are visually stunning and offer an added layer of safety for those nighttime swims. LED or fiber optic lighting adds interest and impact as well as safety. Lighting also adds to the ambiance of your parties because you can set the lights to move in motion with the music you are playing and your guests will be wowed!

Adding lights to your pool is a project that may not have your pool out of commission for too long and it is an ideal upgrade for a new-to-you pool or if you have owned your pool for a long time and just want something different.

Why your pool needs lights 

Here are some reasons to consider pool lighting as a project this season.

  1. Lighting adds drama without a complete pool overhaul.
  2. Fiber optic and LED lighting run “cool” and are long lasting.
  3. Lighting upgrades and updates the visual impact of your ool — especially at night.
  4. Landscaping trends complement in pool lighting and carry over into the outdoor living space
  5. Colored lighting makes the body of water glow with colors

Don’t feel you can’t swim after the sun goes down if you have pool lighting to add to the aesthetics and the safety you and your family will have in the dark. Pool lighting gives the area a warm glow that makes the pool so inviting. You can also light the pool to coincide with the theme of any parties you’re having this season.

Give us a call and let’s talk about lighting fixtures, placement and features.