Month: August 2013

Memphis, TN pool contractors explain differences: gunite vs vinyl

The decision to install a swimming pool is not something to be taken lightly and it brings with it myriad decisions that must be made — size, shape, style, location, building material, accessories such as diving boards, slides, hot tubs,

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Before you talk with a Memphis, TN pool builder, talk to your insurance agent

There are myriad items to keep in mind and talk to people about when you’re considering adding a swimming pool to your backyard. One important phone call is to your home owners’ insurance agent. Before you even begin talking to

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Memphis, TN pool contractors offer pool remodeling ideas

A swimming pool renovation project can take as much time, effort and research as you put into making a decision on buying a brand new swimming pool. As with anything in and around your home, there will come a time

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