Swimming pools are fun… but they can be dangerous — there is no denying that and the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care, Inc. in Memphis, TN have safety tips. Also, you may be wondering, should you get a pool safety cover? The simple answer is — yes.

In-ground swimming pools complement and add value to your home. When you made the decision to install a swimming pool, you also took on the responsibility of keeping everyone in the family — from adults to children to pets — safe. Before you have your swimming pool constructed children should be taught basic pool safety. One of the biggest rules that need to be enforced at all times is that under NO circumstance is anyone allowed to swim alone. That rule goes for children and adults.

Regardless of whether you own an above-ground or in-ground pool, safety devices are a must. In many municipalities, there are zoning and code laws that require fencing, pool safety alarms or a combination of more than one. We feel that the more layers of protection you have in and around your swimming pool, the better off you are and the safer it will be.

Should you get a pool safety cover?

Swimming pool covers keep swimming pools and spas free from airborne contaminants and that can cut back on time spent in pool maintenance. Pool covers provide a protective barrier to prevent children or pets from falling into the water.

There are many types of covers that perform twofold functions — to keep debris and children and pets out of the water when no one is around. Remember, a swimming pool cover is not a foolproof method for keeping children safe from drowning.

There are some pool safety covers that are meant to withstand specific amounts of weight and those may be a great option if you’re worried about a child or pet accidentally falling into the water.

To provide maximum safety, your swimming pool should be surrounded by a fence with a locking gate. The fence should be at least four feet high and be one that children cannot scale. In many areas of the country, fences are required by law and you need to follow the guidelines outlined. Choose a fence that adds ambiance to your swimming area – you don’t have to stick with the standard chain link fence. Your fence can be decorative as well as protective as long as it completely surrounds the pool, can’t be climbed and locks automatically.

Redundancy is not a bad idea when it comes to pool safety devices. Many pool owners install pool fencing, cover and install pool alarms or even motion-activated pool alarms. Give us a call or let’s talk when we are discussing your pool construction project about the best type of pool safety measures to have for your pool.