Why are there frogs in your swimming pool water? The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care, Inc in Memphis Tennessee offer 7 tips for keeping frogs out of the pool. When you’re swimming you definitely don’t want to brush up against a frog while you’re in the water do you?

7 Tips For Keeping Frogs Out Of The Pool

What draws frogs to the pool?

  • Bugs are drawn to water and frogs are drawn to bugs — a match made in heaven
  • If you heat the water frogs will be drawn to it on cool nights
  • If the pool is lit, the lights will draw them — again because bugs will be drawn to the light

Frogs can easily jump into the pool but they cannot get out. What this means for you is you’re scooping out live frogs or swimming with them.

Frogs may not harm the pool water and will eat bugs but they could clog the skimmer. Bacteria that a frog’s body has will be purified by the pool chemicals.

Here are tips for keeping frogs out of the pool water:

  1. Do what you can to keep the pool fence is impenetrable for frogs.
  2. Always use the pool cover
  3. Keep weeds away from the pool so bugs and frogs don’t have that environment to live in
  4. Turn off the pool lights if you’re not using them at night
  5. Spray a mixture of salt, water and vinegar around the pool’s perimeter to repel them
  6. Moving water isn’t desirable for bugs so install a waterfall
  7. If you can’t keep the frogs out no matter what you do, put a frog-log in the pool so if a frog gets into the water he can get out rather than drown

Give us a call if you can’t get the frogs out of the pool water.