It’s time to have a talk with your swimming pool and renovation contractor from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis Tennessee and ask if it’s time to get ready for a 2020 swimming pool renovation. Your pool contractor is intimately acquainted with your swimming pool and has been keeping track of any changes in the way it operates or the equipment.

As with any piece of equipment, there will come a time when you will need to renovate, repair or replace certain items in your swimming pool. Your pool contractor, though, should be able to tell you — this piece of equipment has X amount of years left and it will cost $X to replace or $X to repair. When he or she does this you can begin budgeting and planning for the inevitable.

Get ready for a 2020 swimming pool renovation

Here are the reasons you may be planning for a swimming pool renovation at the end of the swim season. Ask your pool contractor whether the items on the list are pressing or if you can wait and enjoy the 2020 swim season before the renovation starts.

Here are some reasons to consider a pool renovation

  1. The pool came with the house you bought and you want to upgrade and update to make it your own
  2. Energy efficiency is lacking in the pool equipment you’re currently using and you want to upgrade to more energy-efficient models
  3. The pool needs new life breathed back into it
  4. It’s time to add some fun water features or accessories like a fountain, a rock waterfall, sunshelves or a diving board
  5. You’re ready for the entire pool to be remodeled. This could include adding a swim-up spa, a pool heater, changing the coping, acid washing the deck or adding a deck and more

How to plan a pool renovation project

If your budget allows and you’re dreaming about it, a complete remodel might be in the cards for you this year and that could mean:

    1. Adding a beach entry
    2. Adding a deep end
    3. Adding an infinity edge design

Safety equipment or a new safety fence might be part of the pool remodel. You may want to ask about adding in a different type of pool security and alarm system.

Put together your wish list, then ask us what items should be on the remodel/repair/replace list then determine what you want to get done this year after the swim season has passed.