Hot tubs are popular year-round. As you can imagine, in the winter, the idea of soaking in a hot tub while the snow falls and the chill hot tubs winds blow is an amazing luxury after a long day at work. Hot tubs are prized by because of their therapeutic properties as well. Imagine soaking after a long commute or simply to get the chill out of your bones after a cold, snowy day. Talk with your swimming pool builder at Advanced Pool Care about how to best keep yours going all year long.

Whether you use yours for hydrotherapy or simple whirlpool relaxation, your contractor can help you decide the best type for your needs.

Warm water, circulated by the jets of a hot tub have benefits – both physical and emotional – are well documented. The hot water in your tub elevates the warmth of your skin and causes your blood vessels to expand. The more expanded your blood vessels are, the more your blood can flow throughout your body and this can help move toxins from your body at a more rapid rate.

The medical, physical effects of warm water and the circulation of the hot water with the jets are well documented. Spas cause the skin to warm up, which causes blood vessels to expand. The larger your blood vessels are, they allow more blood to flow through the body, which leads to all sorts of healthful results. Moving blood takes toxins out of the body at a rapid rate. In addition, joints and muscles are loosened up by the warmth. To aid in the detoxification process, be sure to drink plenty of water before and after a session to replace what you lose through perspiration. When shopping for and talking to a Memphis, TN swimming pool contractor make certain he explains the benefits of each of the types of jets and the best placement for them.

One key to gaining the maximum benefit of this type of therapy is regular use. Rather than taking a spa session only when your muscles ache, or when you feel stiff, try to use the tub several days per week, whether you hurt or not. In that way, the warm water and its healthy results will act as a sort of preventive to future soreness.

Many people have found regular spa usage a fast way to beat sinus congestion. Rather than using a medication, try a dip in the hot water. It increases circulation, instantly clears sinus passages, and can keep your sinuses clear in the long run because it helps produce more white blood cells. Those who have arthritis and other joint pain find regular hot tub therapy keeps the pain at bay, though nothing can cure these maladies.

If you do not own a hot tub, visit a store that sells them to take a “test drive.” For the time being, you can even sit in a bathtub to get many of the benefits of hot tub therapy. Though limited in space and water circulation, bathtubs will provide a good substitute for hot tub therapy until you are able to purchase an actual hot tub. There are many different types of hot tub jets and you will need to decide before you make your purchase as to what benefits you want to reap from the time you spend soaking.