There are myriad decisions you need to make when you decide to be a swimming pool owner, not the least of which is how to design a pool to fit your unique backyard space. You may decide to have your pool fit your existing space or you may opt to have your yard landscaped to accommodate the pool of your dreams. Either option is one that the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee can work with you to make happen.

How to design a pool to fit your unique backyard space

Do you have a wide open space for your swimming pool or do you have a uniquely shaped yard space that you may need to change to fit your pool or you can decide to use gunite for your pool construction and this allows you the flexibility to have a pool as unique as your yard and your decorating style. Your Memphis, Tennessee swimming pool builder can construct the pool of your dreams for you.

Determining the way in which your swimming pool will be used by the family is the first step in not only determining how big and deep it should be, but to the shape you want. Will the pool be used for fitness, fun or both? The pool’s use factors into the size and style of the pool.  Don’t shop for a pool until you know the budget you have to spend for the construction and ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

Visit a pool contractor at his showroom, talk with him and then have him come out and survey your yard to let you know what he feels would be the best pool design based upon the information you’ve already shared. You will also be sharing your pool budget with us so we can make certain you don’t request a $100,000 pool project if you are working with a $50,000 pool budget.

Active families may want a pool with a diving board or slide. If you desire either of those you need to make certain the pool is long enough and deep enough to legally accommodate the diving board and slide — there are requirements for safety that must be adhered to.

A gunite pool provides the greatest flexibility in design and shape. Gunite pools lend themselves to yards that have other structures or trees that you don’t want to remove. Geometric shaped pools are popular as are the traditional, clean straight rectangle design. A lap pool is the best choice for those who don’t want to devote the entire yard to a pool.

If you have a “yard with a view” talk with us about the construction of a vanishing edge or inifinity pool. These pools are constructed to look as though the pool and the water are falling off the edge of the yard. They add a stunning aesthetic to the entire project.

Talk with us about a combination pool/spa. This offers the best of both swimming worlds — a pool and a hot tub. Explore your options and don’t rush into any decisions. A swimming pool is a project you will be living with for decades.